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Zero Plastics

Our "Zero Plastics" logo is based upon the ASTM International, Resin Identification Coding System (RIC). Their symbols with various numbers were intended to identify the different types of plastics materials are made of. Using this concept, we created a similar design with a zero that certifies a material or product contains no plastics.

Plastic rubbish
Plastic in more plastic near a U.S. National Marine Sanctuary beach

We advocate using no plastics in lieu of the mantra "Reduce-Reuse-Recycle"

Reduce? A step in the right direction

Reuse? Not recommended

Recycle? Just creates more plastics!

Our dogma is to avoid plastics as much as possible... in the kitchen, on your body, or storing food, drinks, and personal care products. Glass, ceramic, metal, or plant fibers are superior barriers for most materials and the environment.

Bioplastic cups used at many different luxury resorts in Hawaii.
  Many visitors think they're helping with plastic pollution but in fact, they're creating more problems
Bioplastics seem like a good alternative but are creating more problems

Whether you are trying to make, sell, or distribute a product (and its packaging) without using plastics, our experts can identify or develop alternative materials specifically for your application.

We also certify products or processes to claim they contain or use no plastics. The ENC "Zero Plastics" logo can then be used on your product or package.

Note: This is a free service*

*we only ask for a donation to offset any transportation costs to your facility


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