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A network of natural scientists, conservationists, teachers, and students with diverse talents, cultures, beliefs, and thinking. Each having a profound awareness of their relationship with others and the environment.


A source of knowledge and services relating to the health and ecology of marine and physiological environments. From cellular protoplasm and seawater to concentrated brines and salts, ionic environments provide the necessary matrix for all life known to man. Our wide-ranging experience in these areas offer tremendous value to many different industries and areas of study.


In 1995, ENC LABS was founded as an analytical testing laboratory. For 27 years, we slowly evolved into a small, multi-disciplined organization. Today and into the future, we strive to uncover the truth and educate others for a healthier world.

South Pacific Island Paradise
South Pacific Island Paradise


From a traditional laboratory setting in Connecticut, New York, and then New Mexico; we moved into the field and visited many different countries and environments. Setting up rudimentary research stations in Mexico, Hawaii, several Central and South American countries, and many islands in the South Pacific, Caribbean, and Canaries; we study the local ecology. This integrated approach has given us a better understanding of how diverse and yet intimately connected the world is.

South Pacific Island Dumpsite


Our fascination with nature and curiosity about its workings drive us to study and try to understand some of it. Any knowledge we gain is used to help people make choices and take actions that improve their relationship with it.


First we study with careful observation and attentive listening. Then we question and test when necessary. Along with analyzing the individual components in a system, we also try to understand the influence of their matrix and relationship with the surroundings. After a holistic review of the findings we can identify a plan of action (or inaction) with long-term thinking.


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