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Most of what we offer is advice. Understanding your needs and goals is paramount to suggesting appropriate actions or testing protocols. Choosing the best strategy, technique, or method which will provide accurate results with success in the long-term is our forte.


We have extensive experience in the analysis of many different materials and matrices. From basic laboratory tests such as specific gravity or pH to sophisticated trace element and organic analyses, we can accurately measure many different components in the most challenging environments.


When problems arise or choices must be made, we can provide unbiased advice and recommendations. In the analytical sciences, our expertises include sampling, sample prep, choosing the best technique or instrument, implementing or developing suitable methods, and interpreting test results.

We also provide customized in-house training, one-on-one instruction, and education for work in the laboratory and in the field. Whatever the scientific or environmental matter, we can make a significant contribution towards its success.

   Health Care

Care of the health is our mantra. It seems modern health care has become a practice of caring for the sick. Our doctrine is that sickness is merely the absence of health. Nearly 2,500 years ago, Hippocrates proclaimed that the natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well. Too often, modern health care practitioners subject patients to medicines, procedures, and therapies that inhibit this healing force. Our bodies must metabolize the chemicals and deal with the trauma of those interventions which distract it from that natural healing process. Although many medicines and treatments can mitigate one problem, they almost always create several others.

We advocate non-intervention healthcare (NIH) . This is simply the practice of allowing the body to heal itself by not intervening and eliminating or reducing the distractions that inhibit it. Along with modern health care interventions, other distractions can be from the environment, food, air, water, clothing, personal care products, xenobiotics, free radicals, EMF, and most importantly... your thinking. Our team of scientific detectives help you to identify the distractions in your life. Then we can offer suggestions how to eliminate or reduce their impact, allowing your body to heal itself. Often, these distractions are also the cause of sickness (or rather... the absence of health).

Sometimes we do need medical doctors, but often... we don't. We are certainly not in the business of medicine. Instead, our team of scientists offer unbiased advice and intelligent alternatives to consider when looking for an opinion on a matter of health.

For more information about our capabilities... email inquiry@enclabs.org