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Collective Consciousness

Contributing author: Dr. Padmavathi Lolla; Hyderabad, India
September 27, 2021

Aside from the Intellect or Thinking Mind, our cells are sentient entities. Each has an immanent awareness or consciousness of it’s “cellhood” and relationship with the whole organism. They are constantly communicating with each other, sensing their surroundings, and responding to stimuli both inside and outside of themselves. They function as individual parts but have a keen awareness and synergy with the whole organism.

This awareness is manifested in the cells through many different biochemical processes, electrochemical reactions, transport mechanisms, gradients, and fields. All of which maintain homeostasis, health, and survival of the cells and the entire organism… without the Intellect or Thinking Mind being involved.

The consciousness of our cells is somewhat distinct from our conditioned consciousness or Intellect. Most of us are not aware of this consciousness because we tend to live in our mental consciousness. However, one can connect to this collective consciousness of the cells by transcending the more common thinking process of the Intellect. There are many different routes to accomplish this but they all lead to the same destination of the Self.

Just try and stop thinking for a moment… outside the mental bondage that prevents you from finding your Self (the core of your being). It is a form of meditation without thinking. Not so simple, for the mind is like the wind vacillating impetuously. However, with practice you will begin to approach a quiescent state where the voice of this collective consciousness is eventually discerned.

Calming the mind and filling yourself with peace allows the magnificent machinery within your cells to perform efficiently. Our Thinking Mind is often the distraction that inhibits these mechanisms to repair, replace, multiply, and heal themselves and ultimately the entire organism.

Another approach is to begin with reading some scripture or sacred text. Then imagine yourself as a channel for divine power to flow through your entire body and into the ground. Feel your cells opening themselves to this power and know that their consciousness is being manifested without distraction.

Ancient Yoga and Pranayama (breath regulation) have been practiced for many years by yogis to silence the Thinking Mind and transcend to pure consciousness. In general, trusting in the Divine, connecting with Nature, positive feelings within and outside of yourself, purity of environment, regular physical activity, and restraining the emotions are all worthy starting points on the journey to discovering your innate consciousness or divine potential.

Most of modern science has not been able to comprehend this collective consciousness that exists within each of us. Just as approaching your consciousness cannot be accomplished through the thinking process, understanding its workings cannot be understood by conventional scientific or thinking processes.

However, there are some more progressive researchers in the fields of Epigenetics and Quantum Mechanics that are beginning to transcend traditional thinking and accept consciousness in their models. A paradigm shift may soon be manifested that will likely enlighten many people of the potential within each of us. In the meantime, the proof is in the results that you can obtain from the collective consciousness within your Self.

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