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COVID-19 Vaccine - Some Contrarian Thinking

December 10, 2021

Whether you think you need it, or not... you're right!

Many scientists are now realizing that our thinking is a major factor in the effectiveness of medicines, therapies, and overall health. A genuine belief or overwhelming fear of getting (or not getting) a treatment will profoundly influence your body's response to that choice.

Truly believing that getting a COVID-19 vaccine will help you avoid contracting the disease will significantly boost its effectiveness. The psychological and physical aspects are inseparable, even in clinical trials. Contrarily, choosing to not get a COVID-19 vaccine but having a conviction in your immune responses to the infectious agent itself is equally important in avoiding this or for that matter, any disease.

More important than a vaccine is having good health with an immune system that's capable of effectively responding to immunogens. Even if you get vaccinated, you must have a relatively good immune system that can respond by producing antibodies and activating cell-mediated responses.

Most of the COVID-19 vaccines available today are impressive technologies and certainly lucrative businesses. However, none of them offer the same immunogenic profile to our bodies and immune system as the intact COVID-19 virus itself does. They all present only part of the whole, native viral entity. Live, attenuated vaccines (still under development for COVID-19) are perhaps the closet technology to a more complete immunogen but are still only attenuated versions of the pathogen itself.

Furthermore, published vaccine efficacy and effectiveness values are misleading as they have been derived from selected populations and are not necessarily your chances of avoiding the disease. Vaccines can offer some level of protection but their true effectiveness is questionable and are all merely imitations of the actual pathogen.

At best, the COVID-19 vaccines are short-cuts to some sort of immunity and do not stimulate a strong and effective immune response that is long-lasting. Intuition should admonish us that an intramuscular injection of a genetically-modified or watered-down version of the virus is far from natural and certainly not a healthy practice. "Trusting in the science" is usually a good idea but when the science is mixed with business (and perhaps some politics), the truth becomes obscured.

One must understand the difference between infection and disease. In the physical world, we are constantly being exposed to infectious agents. A healthy immune system should battle those infections and win the war against disease. Only when we begin to lose that battle, does disease become manifested. ...more details coming soon!

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