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Remote Workers Wanted

ENC Labs is seeking qualified individuals to work in the following areas:

Natural Sciences - scientists and/or teachers with fundamental knowledge of biology, chemistry, physics, or ecology to teach all levels from grade school to seasoned professionals. Assignments will include on-line classes, private tutoring, Q&A sessions, and seminars. Teaching experience is not necessary and hours are flexible.

Optics - a good understanding of basic optical theory is essential. Experience with direct and/or concentrated solar energy is a plus. Individuals will assist in the design and engineering of small solar systems for a variety of uses. Some applications include producing sea salt and drinking water from seawater, cooking, and heating.

Neuroscience - a fundamental knowledge of neural oscillations and brain activity are required. Investigations will focus on elucidating relationships between levels of neural activity, cognitive states, and consciousness in general. Understanding how external electromagnetic fields affect biology will also be studied.

Immunology - a comprehensive understanding of classical and theoretical immunity in living organisms is mandatory. Research will attempt to better understand natural immunity and immunosuppression, focusing on their roles in health and disease.

Illustration - a keen ability to understand abstract concepts and create graphics which simplify their comprehension. Tasks will primarily be scientific and/or mathematical in their nature.

Information Research - a curious interest in facts and figures is desirable. Assignments will range from procuring fairly common, well-known facts to more perplexing, complex mysteries.

Applicants should have multi-disciplinary knowledge and be passionate about the environment. All levels of experience may apply, including students.

For more information or questions email: inquiry@enclabs.org

Qualified applicants should email their resume to: enclabs@enclabs.org